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I Could Pee on This

It’s a feline season. I Could Pee on This is a collection of poems by cats (or, at least, what Francesco Marciuliano thinks cats would write). Yes, you heard correctly. Poetry. By Cats. You always knew that your cat (or your neighbours’ cat, if you’re a dog person) had untold emotional depths yearning to be expressed in verse. Why else do some owners name their cats Virgil, Dante, or Shakespeare? In the year we learned How To Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, we should also give attention to the thoughtful, introspective, and artistic musings of our most inscrutable companions. From the old typewriter of these poetic pets, we’re able to share a couple of poems on life and love.

Text Copyright © 2012 Francesco Marciuliano. Images and text reproduced by kind permission of Chronicle Books.
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