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These Aren’t Your Father’s Battling Tops

Beyblades by Hasbro Beyblades by Hasbro


When I was a kid, we had a game of Battling Tops at the cottage that had been passed down a few generations and shared with my family and all of our cousins. I remember it well, because I’m pretty sure it’s still up there in the kids’ room.

It’s got a heavy plastic arena equipt with four little “starting gates” – and it comes with a handful of tops that are all exactly the same, apart from their colours and their name stickers.  Those tops were countless hours of fun, but many of those hours were spent winding and re-winding the string on the battling tops, and trying to find missing pieces after they’d blasted apart in battle. You get the point, they weren't perfect, but they sure were fun.

Now, flash-forward to the present day, and let’s talk about Beyblades. My cat Waffles is going to help.

Waffles and her Beyblades

Gone are the days of winding string and uniformly functioning tops – not all Beyblade combinations are created equal.  When you build on your Beyblade collection, you maximize your winning potential! Each top puts a new spin (pun intended) on the battle, so it’s good to have multiple tops to deconstruct and then Frankenstein back together to create the perfect Beyblade for every battle.

Product Testing

Also, forget the manual labour of string - Beyblades are on ripcords (cool!) and you can even get an IR Spinner for even more spin-action! It's all a bit technologically advanced for Waffles the cat.

Waffles Instructions

Customizing your Beyblades will change the way they battle: Fact. Experimenting with the weights and making adjustments to the components of your top will give you an edge. You can decide if you need stamina or weight, or maybe a combination of the two in any given battle.

Components of a Beyblade

Enough of my chatter, you should try them for yourself! Kids love collecting these things, and when they’ve outgrown* them, keep all of the pieces in a Beylocker so that your children’s children can enjoy them too! I’m telling you, it's a great idea.

*Ha! No one truly outgrows toys, who are we kidding?

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