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Pin Your Perfect Summer

What are the ingredients for a truly unforgettable summer? A few weeks ago we asked this question to our Pinterest followers for the chance to win a $500 Indigo gift card. The results were an overwhelming number of pin boards featuring beach-reads, BBQ recipes, summer-inspired décor products, DIY projects, serene cottage scenes and more! Our Product Developer, Patrick Ramsey, perused through the entries and narrowed it down to one board belonging to Sabrina Voci from Ontario! We thought it would be fun to get to know her a little better, find out what’s on her summer reading list and (most importantly) find out what she’s going to do with that $500 gift card! Indigo: Can you describe the feelings you were hoping to evoke with your Pinterest board and the inspiration behind it? Sabrina: I was hoping to capture the joy and excitement of all the things about summer we look forward to all year long: sunshine, spending time by the lake or ocean, travel, time with family and friends outdoors, and enjoying nature. I wanted to be sure to capture all the smaller things about summer we might overlook or take for granted—even if you don’t have fancy travel…

A Review: Weeknights with Giada

Cookbooks are love stories. Big, tasty, epic love stories. Not Colin Firth "I love you just the way you are" kind of love stories. Cookbooks (at least my favourite ones) are personal stories about food and family; richly rendered with intimate details. You just need to read them with an open heart and appetite. Otherwise, they're just a random collection of recipes by a stranger, and who wants that? We (and definitely I) want recipes that are tethered to a sense of people and place.   I'm a late and reluctant convert to Giada de Laurentiis. I didn't feel the love. I would not be swayed by her cooking show, her enviable California kitchen or her strangely fascinating talent for eating her food without smudging her lipstick nor eating utensils (Honest, watch the show. It's mesmerizing.). It's chicklit meets food tv.   I liked her previous cookbooks (Everyday Italian, Giada's Kitchen, Giada's Family Dinners, Everyday Pasta) well enough. They were all brimming with Italian comfort food classics; all gorgeously photographed. Lots of other people loved her and her mini food/publishing empire. But still I resisted. No siree, she's not for me. I even made this butternut squash and beef recipe…

Six Weeks to OMG

  Venice A. Fulton has taken the dieting world by storm, with his ground breaking new book Six Weeks to OMG! As an expert in nutrition and exercise physiology, he was able to create a fresh, new, cutting-edge system using a mix of nutrition, biochemistry, genetics and psychology, to enable people to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. Venice Fulton has graciously provided us with an excerpt from his revolutionary book. Enjoy! ********* Excerpt SIX WEEKS TO OMG! - section 1, pages 1-5 CUT THE CRAP The medical community think you shouldn’t read this book. Your parents might think you shouldn’t read this book. Perhaps even your friends think you shouldn’t read this book. And you’re still reading? Good job! It’s your life. Only you walk around in your shoes. Only you wake up with your thoughts. And only you will fall asleep to them. Should and shouldn’t are useless words. Even reading them can make you feel under pressure. Trash them! KNOWLEDGE IS GOLDEN  Before this  book  hit  the  mainstream, it  came  under  lots  of fire. With OMG and Skinny in the title, I suppose it was to be expected. What I didn’t expect, was criticism…

Two Burger Recipes from Rachael Ray

Who doesn't love a tasty burger in the summer? It's one of the quintessential tastes of summer. But do we really need an entire book devoted to burgers? Let me declare emphatically: yabba dabba yowza yes. But what about steaks, chops, ribs, corn, chicken or sausages, you might ask. All tasty and all welcome at my table. However, burgers are the secret weapon of summer and fall meals. We're not just talking about a sad, brown pity patty between two pieces of bread. I'm talking about an under-rated all-star entree. People, prepare to be blown away: Burger > Meatloaf > Meatball  Do you see the possibilities here? Not yet? No, I'm not suggesting you recycle or, uh, re-gift your burgers the next evening as deconstructed meatloaf to unsuspecting guests. That's not so all-star. Burgers are a versatile and creative jack-of-all-trades. Impromptu summer get together? Check. Kid approved? Check. Vegetarian guests? Check. Paleo/Primal/Atkins/Wheat Belly/Weight Watchers friendly? Check. So when a copy of Rachael Ray's Book of Burger first crossed my desk, I paused for a moment and then had a lightbulb moment.   Rachael Ray + Burgers = GENIUS Who better than the queen of the 30-minute meal to give us…
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