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Quick Pick Gift Ideas for Dad

What does dad want for Father’s Day? Shop our list of quick picks for a handful of easy and awesome gifts we know dad will love! Find your local Chapters or Indigo store here.            Need more inspiration? Follow our Father’s Day board on Pinterest!

Father's Day Gift Guide

Have you had a chance to snoop through our Father’s Day Gift Guide? If not, we’re sharing a few of our favourite shots to help you get inspired with your Father’s Day shopping! When you see something you think he'd like, head on over to our online Father's Day Shop or your local Chapters or Indigo store.           

Charley Boorman - Extreme Frontiers

Charley Boorman has written us an exclusve letter discussing his new adventure book set in Canada, Extreme Frontiers. From Newfoundland to the Yukon, follow Boorman as he shares his adventures exploring our beautiful, rugged country.  Re-live his incredible days fishing for lobster in the Maritimes, kayaking on a Manitoba wilderness river and enjoying some basic training with the RCMP.  Ride along as he takes you on a fast-paced, greatly entertaining Canadian adventure, complete with Canada's national bug- the mosquito! ******* Hello Indigo customers, There is so much to learn from travelling – the people you meet, the food you taste and the cultures you immerse yourself in. I think it’s so important to understand and learn about the world, we’re part of it! I love meeting people and experiencing new cultures - and there are so many rich cultures around the world that I am yet to encounter. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some of the most fantastic locations around the world but a lot of these places I’ve had to rush through, racing to get to one place or another. I thought it was time to slow down, take a deep breath and really explore one…

Q and A with Karen Le Billon

We have a very special treat on the Indigo Blog today. One of my favourite colleagues (and seat mates) Leanne Smye, agreed to do this interesting and information Q&A with Karen Le Billon, author of French Kids Eat Everything (And Yours Can, Too). As a hardworking Mother of two boys, I couldn’t think of a better choice to read LeBillon’s book and ask her questions. Thanks Leanne! ***  As a Mum of two young boys I found the story of Karen Le Billon's family's food journey to be so timely and relatable. That it was couched in Le Billion’s move to France, made it that more interesting for me.  The "10 French Food Rules" described in French Kids Eat Everything (And Yours Can, Too) are so simple and easy to understand, yet somehow revolutionary for North Americans! These basic principles are really wonderful advice for adults, as well as children.  You have to teach yourself to understand before you can teach others (kids). LS: You describe the culture shock of moving from Vancouver to France and the reality versus the dream of living there regarding the differences in child-rearing, friendships and romantic relationships. Did you actually find the change more…
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