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Rotis by Stephane Reynaud - A Review, with Recipes

From Stephane Reynaud, bestselling French author of Pork and Sons, Terrine, and French Feasts, comes his new work, Rotis:  Roasts For Every Day of the Week.  If you’re bored of your go-to roast chicken, tenderloin and vegetable recipes, Reynaud is here to help.  I shouldn’t neglect fish, lamb, beef, veal, and game - pretty much anything you’ve ever wanted to season, throw in a pan, & roast. Let me break it down for you.  The book is subdivided like this: Monday is roast beef Tuesday is roast veal Wednesday is roast chicken and game Thursday is roast pork Friday is roast fish Saturday is roast lamb Sunday lunch is roast game  And, Sunday evening is "all the rest" - pasta, shepherd’s pie, salads, stuffed vegetables... … And there are multiple recipes options in each chapter.  As well as a chapter on sides and accompaniments to go with the main you’ve chosen.  Also handy is that it’s further subdivided, by time – roasts that take 15, 20, 30 minutes, etcetera –  so you can tackle one based on how much time you have.  There is also a 7 hour lamb recipe, so plan ahead. Christmas is coming, and if you’re tired of…

Star Wars: The Blueprints

I know, I know – you’re thinking, “What, another Star Wars book? What could there possibly be in here that I haven’t seen before?” Well, lots, actually, you scruffy nerf-herder.  This might actually be the best Star Wars book of all time. If you’ve always thought that your car was all right, but how you really wanted to get around was on Jabba’s Flying Skiff (now that is traveling in style), this book will show you how to build it.  Or maybe you’d prefer a landspeeder? This book has you covered there as well.  And you probably want R2-D2 to navigate, so again – you'll need this.  Also good to have in case you wanted to build your own Death Star … and I could go on and on.   But I'm being a little glib. These blueprints are not like the stolen file that R2 carried, detailing the plans of the Death Star. Star Wars:The Blueprints details how the props and sets were built, making this a fascinating piece of Hollywood history.  This book has hundreds of drafts, blueprints, illustrations, photos and tech specs by the actual production designers from all six films.   There have been plenty of books…

Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design

At the risk of opening this piece sounding like a grumpy old man, it feels like no modern directors pay attention to the credit sequence anymore[i]. From the late 1950’s on, American film benefited from the work of a master, one who composed the memorable opening credit sequences for several iconic films:  Vertigo, Anatomy of a Murder, North By Northwest, Ocean's Eleven, and many more.  The creator of them all? Iconic designer Saul Bass. And not just the title sequences – Bass acted as visual consultant, designer of posters, lobby cards, soundtrack albums.  By the early 1960’s, Bass had become recognized as a true artist of title design - and more than just a title sequence creator, he was a filmmaker in his own right.  But to label him merely as a credits designer is to sell him short – Bass is remembered as a visionary in American graphic design.  A giant in film, Bass was also recognized for his output in advertising and corporate branding.  This work from a visionary in graphic design is now catalogued in an epic and stunning new book. In Saul Bass:  A Life in Film and Design, Bass’s daughter Jennifer collaborates with design historian…

Natalie MacLean's Unquenchable

From the author of Red, White and Drunk All Over comes a new book. Natalie MacLean has travelled the world, helping readers see that wine buying need not be intimidating, nor expensive.  Unquenchable lets readers travel with Natalie as she wines and dines her way around the world on her global quest for affordable wines, while showing readers where they come from and what to eat with them.
Helicopters, Hawks, and Hellacious Ladybugs An excerpt from Natalie MacLean’s Unquenchable:  A Tipsy Quest for the World's Best Bargain Wines Under heavy gunfire, we run for the chopper. Grey clouds roil overhead as the wind whips our faces. The ground man signals us to scramble in, but then stops and waves for us to turn around. As we do, we’re blinded by white fl ashes. We’re not being fired at though: it’s just the smiling tour guide snapping photos of us. The shotgun blasts are automatic “bird bangers” to scare birds away from the fields of Niagara grapevines around us. This isn’t Baghdad, but it is war. The enemy—massive in numbers, cunning, and beadyeyed— weigh less than fifty grams each: the European starling. These birds travel in black clouds of peckish…
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