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Top 10 Reasons to Worship the Ultimate Pop-Goddess, Kelly Clarkson 

Her name alone is enough to spark a strong instinctual reaction in almost everyone (for me it’s always squealing like a pre-teen). There are those of us who will eagerly drink the Kool-Aid she offers without hesitation (If Kelly were a cult leader, I would be her star disciple). There are those on the opposite spectrum who refuse to see beyond her reality show foundation, and these people tend to say “pop music” as if it were a four letter word. If you’re planted firmly in this camp, I don’t expect anything I say here to change your mind. That being said, Kelly Clarkson is not your average pop star, I promise. Girl’s got soul, and an incredibly eclectic taste in music. And with that, here is my Top 10 list of reasons to love Kelly Clarkson:

Clarkson has the most lush, powerful, gorgeously layered voice in the business today. Period. Blender (remember Blender?!) magazine said it best back in 2007:
“The Texas native has one of the great voices in pop music, a powerful and versatile instrument that's steeped in the rhythm and blues and country music she grew up with in the South. If Mariah Carey's five-octave voice is the equivalent of an expensively bred poodle, then Clarkson's is a bloodhound: friendly, earthy, but fierce just the same.”

Everybody has someone like Kelly in their life. She’s a down-home girl. Just watch any interview with her – there are no pretentions, and she puts on no airs. She’s the meaning of that expression, “what you see is what you get”. She’s naturally gorgeous, with a killer smile. She doesn’t care about conforming to Hollywood’s emaciated standard of “beauty”. She’s got my wholehearted respect and admiration.

One of the most exciting moments during a Kelly Clarkson concert is when she busts out a few covers because she always knocks them out of the park. Some all-time favourites are Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight, The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, and The Black Keys’ Lies. Clarkson performed a free concert last week for her fans at Troubadour (a legendary club in West Hollywood), and I now have a new favourite to add to my list! Check out Kelly singing the absolute heck out of Carrie Underwood’s I Know You Won’t. I actually thought I was going to faint somewhere between 2:27 & 2:37. File under pwn. That voice is from another planet (one that I would gladly relocate to). 

I have been waiting nearly a decade with bated-breath for a live album… could the wait be over? It was first reported by Entertainment Weekly that Kelly is set for an ‘Unplugged’ special to air on VH1 November 18th. If this doesn’t at least end up on iTunes as a digital download I’ll be crushed. I love her studio albums, but I’m obsessed with all her live performances!

Kelly readily admits that some of her older hits songs have been altered with Auto-Tune – and she’s not happy about it. As originally reported by the Metro in the UK, Clarkson stated:
"When I hear “Since U Been Gone” or “My Life Would Suck Without You”, I love the songs but the vocal is so compressed it kills me."… "Sometimes people get hold of us pop girl singers and compress the hell out of our vocals. Even voices that don't need Auto-Tune get it, so you have all these robotic vocals."
She insists that her new album Stronger is completely free of Auto-Tune, and that every song sounds the way she does live… I’ve been listening to the album all day. She’s not lying.

I am absolutely in love with the mashups she performs on tour. The best!? A stunning marriage of Alanis Morissette’s “That I Would Be Good” and Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”. Listen to it here and marvel at her vocal beauty.


I went to Casino Rama to see Kelly in concert with a few friends back in October 2009. While we were checking into the casino hotel we saw her walk through the lobby and out the front door, entourage-free. This is her waiting for a van to pick her up and whisk her away to get ready for the show. She looks so comfy!


Ohhhh yeahhhhhh, that’s totally me with her! HOLLA!!! She was an absolute DOLL. Super sweet and friendly. I was so nervous that I just started babbling and she quickly interjected with, “Wait wait wait! What’s your name??”… How many celebrities out there actually ask their fans what their names are when they meet them?! She’s a gem. She’s also a good hugger and she smells nice.

Clarkson has revealed that going out to a karaoke bar is one of her favourite things to do with friends. I love this. Imagine being in a karaoke bar and being serenaded by KELLY CLARKSON??? It’s almost too much for me to handle. A tip for all super-fans like me: Kelly has said that she wants to hit up a karaoke bar in every city she stops in on her next tour, and that she’ll tweet where she’s going beforehand. If that’s not a reason to get Twitter, I don’t know what is! To follow Kelly on Twitter, click here.

I think it’s fantastic that she doesn’t have roots planted in L.A. or New York like the majority of her peers – not that there is anything wrong with living in either of those places. I just think it shows how little she cares about the limelight. She keeps it real and surrounds herself with family, friends, and lots of animals (Goats, horses, dogs, cats – the list is long!). She’s a real animal lover! Check out her facebook page for all kinds of photos! I think her goat is my favourite. Super cute!

Alright, I would say that sufficiently proves my point. We need more public figures like her to look up to. Kelly Clarkson is phenomenally talented and anyone who isn’t onboard as a fan doesn’t know what they’re missing! Trust me. Just drink the Kool-Aid – you’ll be glad you did! KELLY FOR THE WIN!

She loves Bananagrams! Ohhh Kelly. Let’s be best friends. XoXo

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